Website, Facebook, Twitter, That stuff. 1

Hi everybody!

Trying our best to get a foothold in the social media milieu of indie games.
Which, as it turns out, isn’t so easy.

In any case, we’ve set up:

  • A fantastic Facebook page.
  • A tumultuous Twitter account.
  • A glorious GitHub repo that you can fork on the right here.
  • A y.. ye… … a Youtube channel.
  • and maybe some other things!

We’re doing our best to push a bi-weekly dev diary here, if you’re interested.
Stay tuned and check out the links in the nav panel.

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One thought on “Website, Facebook, Twitter, That stuff.

  • Matthew Adams

    I wanted to leave some feedback on the game. So far, I love it. It’s been a lot of fun. I have found a few errors and have a few questions. Why do customers sit on top of each other when there are still open seats in the shop? Do you have any plans on releasing a Research “Tech” Tree? Currently, I am not sure what I need to purchase to create different items.

    Keep up the wonderful work. I know this game is a side project, and I’m always happy to play test and find bugs.