Kickstarter, Funds, and Next Steps

Hey there all!

Katie and I just moved to San Diego, so we’re super busy getting our lives back in order, but will be back at Beans development full steam in the near future.

As for our next steps, we’re still waiting for pledges to be collected and finalized by Kickstarter, after which time we’ll have full deposited funds and be able to get to work.

Our first steps so far have been touching base with our outsourcers to negotiate prices on things. Mostly this is music work, but we’d like to get some art outsourcing on the go as well.

We’re also working on physical rewards so that those will ship on time as well.

Going to be a long year to be sure, but we’ll try our best to post all of our Saturday updates (and screenshots) over on

Take care, and thanks again for all of your support!



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