Beans Update: Late September

A little update…

New music is on the way!

Check out new samples from Zerocakes!

Starting the University Level!

Our next level is the University.  Stay tuned for this one.  A rogue health inspector will make life difficult for Ruby.  We’re going for an “Old Main” look for a little homage to Penn State, and we’re also going to overhaul the tileset.

Super WIP only a concept: 

Back in active rolling development!

You’ll start seeing more regular updates both here and on the site, which by the way,

Finished our LLC!

The LLC is done for Whitethorn Digital.  We can finally start actually selling things without running afoul of the law.  Right now it houses the usability services I used to run on a consulting basis, but you’ll start seeing more gamedev related things here!


Wanted to give a shout to everyone who’s helped so far!

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