Beans is a simulator game about crazy people who make crazy beverages in a crazy coffee shop.

Beans is also a passion project.  I met my wife in a Starbucks, and I’ve always had a bit of a preoccupation with the strange things people say and do in coffee shops.
We do our best to lampoon a few aspects of coffee culture, and we think you’ll really like it.  If you’re a fan of the ‘tycoon’ games – read on.


  • Build your own coffee shop from the ground up – which is how buildings are usually constructed.
  • Muscle out the competition and take over the coffee business in five locations around Townburgh.
  • Train your employees and unlock skill trees to make the ultimate coffee czar.
  • Research delicious recipes involving coffee, bagels, and blenders – sometimes at once!
  • Chiptune Jazz soundtrack which is either soothing or annoying depending on your taste.
  • More things that will inevitably creep in and slow development to a crawl!


Beans is being made in Construct 2, which is an awesome HTML5 game engine that you should check out.  We use a few other tools as well, like Tiled, Aseprite, and Sublime.
Being that we’re trying to release Beans in our spare time, it’s not a full-time full-steam development project.  We’re also always open to forks and updates on GitHub, you can hit the fork button on the right if you’d like to check the code out yourself.  Feel free to submit a pull request if you want, I’ll always take a look at it.

We’re big fans of what I like to call ‘shoestring’ game development.  Meaning beans is full of asset packs, public domain works, self-made pixel art and foley, and a lot of other things that would make good programmers, artists, and musicians weep quietly into their poison of choice.  We think that’s what makes it fun, though.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter, check out our demo, or generally drop us a line!